محصولات تولیدی شرکت پیچ کوبان

Pitchcooban company produces over 500 kinds of screws and bolts for automotive industries and over 700 kinds for home appliances...

Equipment & Tools

تجهیزات تولیدی شرکت پیچ کوبان

Pitchcooban company, applying the Asian and European modern machines including 2 to 5 die part formers, threading machines...

Production Departments

واحدهای تولیدی شرکت پیچ کوبان

All the experiments like metallographic, tensile strength, salt spray, quantometeric analyzes, micro and macro hardness...


گواهینامه ها و استانداردها شرکت پیچ کوبان

The Pitchcooban company , applying these systems(QFD,BSC,…)and the modern methods of total quality management...

Our customers

Pitchcooban co. produces over 500 kinds of screws and bolts for automobile industries such as:


Iran khodro industrial group

Saipa industrial group

Bahman khodro

Zamyad khodro

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Pitch Cooban Company with passage of years and gaining valuable experiments in close cooperation with the large automotive industries of the country has obtained considerable successes in different fields of technics and quality. Achieving the certificate as the selected industry of the province is one of them.



Pitch cooban company was established in 1992 at shirgah city which is situated in 25 Km distance from Qaemshahr towards savadkooh in mazandaran province. Since 1994, producing the screws and bolts for automotive industries became the main target of the company.pitch cooban company with utilization of expert personal and the latest technologies produces more than 500 kinds of screws and bolts for automobile manufacturing companies such as Iran khodro, saipa, zamyad, pars khodro industrial group and the others.

This company in recent years has started producing more than 700 kinds of screws and bolts applied in civil,oil, petrochemical and home appliances including screws and bolts from normal size M2.6 up to M20 .

Outline of the company:

President of pitch Cooban co. : MR. M.A.Zakariaee.

Land(surface) : 20000 M in two sites

Building : 6000 M

Number of employees : 175 persons