محصولات تولیدی شرکت پیچ کوبان

Pitchcooban company produces over 500 kinds of screws and bolts for automotive industries and over 700 kinds for home appliances...

Equipment & Tools

تجهیزات تولیدی شرکت پیچ کوبان

Pitchcooban company, applying the Asian and European modern machines including 2 to 5 die part formers, threading machines...

Production Departments

واحدهای تولیدی شرکت پیچ کوبان

All the experiments like metallographic, tensile strength, salt spray, quantometeric analyzes, micro and macro hardness...


گواهینامه ها و استانداردها شرکت پیچ کوبان

The Pitchcooban company , applying these systems(QFD,BSC,…)and the modern methods of total quality management...

Our customers

Pitchcooban co. produces over 500 kinds of screws and bolts for automobile industries such as:


Iran khodro industrial group

Saipa industrial group

Bahman khodro

Zamyad khodro

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Engineering Department

Engineering department of pitchcooban company with utilization of “eesy- 2-form (Germany) which is a two-dimension limited elements simulator software, and also with experiments of different producing different standard parts, is able to design new or special parts.


The R&D unit of pitch cooban company with utilization of high level technology and science, and cooperation of engineering unit, provides essential drawing of parts and operational drawings of facilities.


Heat treatment unit

Pitchcooban co. Heat treatment unit with utilization continuous furnace is able to do all different heat treatment process according to mechanical properties of bolts and screws in different quality class (for example 8.8 to 12.9 Both) (hardening + tempering) and (hardening + carbonitriding + tempering) treatment are carried out in heat treatment line.


Pitchcooban company with utilization of expert personal in its tooling unit, is able to design and make different carbide main dies & punches, rolling (tapping and machine) flat dies which are needed by this company and other screw and bolt producers.


Final inspection and packing

Pitch cooban Co. with utilization of dimensional sorting machine and metallurgical sorting machine (eddy current tester) according to the last world technology, Is able to sort all parts and specially safety and top safety products to achieve zero defect (ZD).


Dacromate coating line

In addition to zinc chromate plating line, pitch cooban co. utilizes modern dichromate coating machine. All kind of coating are carried out in this line .This kind of coating has more than 100 HR s.s.test (corrosion resistance be for red rust material appears).

Phosphate coating line

Pitch cooban co. which utilization of its previous experiences and consultant of reliable domestic and foreign sources has installed its new phosphating coating line.



Pitchcooban co. utilizes modern full automatic Alkaline zinc cromate line.This method is free from cyanid and Cr+6 and uses more less Acidic material comparing with similar Zinc cromate line.(such asicyanid and Acidic line)So this method is environment friend Also . Technical properties and quality of coating in this process.



All the experiments like metallographic, tensile strength, salt spray, quantometeric analyzes, micro and macro hardness and soon are carreing out on all the products and on raw material in pitch cooban co. Laboratory.