محصولات تولیدی شرکت پیچ کوبان

Pitchcooban company produces over 500 kinds of screws and bolts for automotive industries and over 700 kinds for home appliances...

Equipment & Tools

تجهیزات تولیدی شرکت پیچ کوبان

Pitchcooban company, applying the Asian and European modern machines including 2 to 5 die part formers, threading machines...

Production Departments

واحدهای تولیدی شرکت پیچ کوبان

All the experiments like metallographic, tensile strength, salt spray, quantometeric analyzes, micro and macro hardness...


گواهینامه ها و استانداردها شرکت پیچ کوبان

The Pitchcooban company , applying these systems(QFD,BSC,…)and the modern methods of total quality management...

Our customers

Pitchcooban co. produces over 500 kinds of screws and bolts for automobile industries such as:


Iran khodro industrial group

Saipa industrial group

Bahman khodro

Zamyad khodro

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