محصولات تولیدی شرکت پیچ کوبان

Pitchcooban company produces over 500 kinds of screws and bolts for automotive industries and over 700 kinds for home appliances...

Equipment & Tools

تجهیزات تولیدی شرکت پیچ کوبان

Pitchcooban company, applying the Asian and European modern machines including 2 to 5 die part formers, threading machines...

Production Departments

واحدهای تولیدی شرکت پیچ کوبان

All the experiments like metallographic, tensile strength, salt spray, quantometeric analyzes, micro and macro hardness...


گواهینامه ها و استانداردها شرکت پیچ کوبان

The Pitchcooban company , applying these systems(QFD,BSC,…)and the modern methods of total quality management...

Our customers

Pitchcooban co. produces over 500 kinds of screws and bolts for automobile industries such as:


Iran khodro industrial group

Saipa industrial group

Bahman khodro

Zamyad khodro

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Pitch cooban company produces over 500 kinds of screws and bolts for automotive industries and over 700 kinds for home appliances, electronic industries, civil industries and so on form nominal size M2.6 up to M20. Our production are based on the world wide automobile manufacturer standards such as PSA France Peugeot, KES, Korea kia motors, NES Japan Nissan and other international standards such as ANSI, JIS, DIN& Chrysler.



Washer Assembled Screw & Bolt F-Form light screw Partial scrape off the paint end screw

Hex bolt Lock right screw Hexcap screw

Hub/wheel bolt Hex.bolt Flanged hex. Bolt

Hub/wheel bolt Hexcap screw Washer Assembled Screw & Bolt


Different kinds of tapping screws, machine screws UNF & UNC screws, special screws. And bolts and special thread, also screws in different recess are produced in pitch cooban which includes a wide range of fastener products. All the mechanical properties and metallurgical tests are carried out by the quality management department of the company on all products. The quality of the company’s products according to the reliable standards is situated as the main target of pitch cooban and nothing is ignored in ascending the quality level of products.